Sep 242008

:) I am now an official OR scrub tech! I start on Friday. The job is 4 10 hour shifts with rotation of weekends, about every 4-6th one. Great benifits for the whole family too. I am so glad but nervous to start this new job. I hope it works out. I get to work with 11 different surgeons so if I decide to move somewhere else I will have alot of experience with alot of different fields. Just thought that I would give you the good news. I am super excited! :)

Sep 222008

You may or may not know about the plane crash that has devistated my office, thankfully I was not on that fateful day. I would like to share my thoughts and let you know what has become of our now tiny office.

Everyone is doing better than I thought. We have our good days and bad but overall we are hanging in there. There are little things that I miss that each person used to do. It could be a “manpurse” in the hallway or socks hanging out of pockets, or even the 3 cups of coffee before the day starts or else someone gets grouchy. Either way everyone will be missed and remembered.

This has not come without some stress and complications. Hours have been cut back and I am activly looking for another job. I have had 4 interviews and should know by the end of the week what I will be doing. I will let you know, just in case some of you are interested, if not, don’t read it. :)

Overall though I am doing alright, things are tough but that is ok. It builds character. Noah and Michael have been my glue, keeping me together. I thank them for this. Thank you to all of you too. Your love and support is greatly appreciated!

Aug 062007

Arizona cactus
I’ll give you three guesses to what Arizona is like during Summer.

If you said:

A:  Hot

B:  Under Construction


C:  Dry

You are correct, all three at the same time.  And then just to mix it up we are also getting thunderstorms.

I am here for work.  It is a conference for our sales software.  I have mixed feelings about the situation.  It’s a nice hotel, but that is what bothers me.  It seems like with every conference each host city tries to out-do the last with the biggest, fanciest and most expensive hotel.  The place we are staying this time isn’t just a hotel, it is a resort and spa.  The service is over the top and immediately put me in a bad mood.  There were twenty people between me and the front desk, all of them asking how they could help me.  They could help me by staying out of my way so I can get a key drop my bag in the room and find some dinner after the long-ass drive.

Oh well, it ain’t all bad, and I really don’t deserve to have such a bad attitude.  They did start the day with a breakfast burrito buffet, and are now ending it with an open bar.  I guess that is why I am back in my room now–I don’t drink.  Either that, or Anthony Bourdain’s TV show just started!