Jun 232009


The new album from Maktub is ready and available for free download.

Today is the day for FIVE and it is also the tenth anniversary of the release of the band’s very first record, Subtle Ways.

Yes, it is free and yes that makes the guys in the band a little bit crazy, but crazy in a very cool way.  In its most simple terms this is being done as an effort to spread the word and get the music into the ears of more and more listeners.  Beyond that, it is also being done as a thank you to fans for their past support, and as a little bit of an experiment in modern distribution.

Everyone please do me a favor and download the album, give it a listen and then let the band know if you liked it or not.

Apr 242009

Great news for music fans!  Maktub is fresh out of the recording studio and they want us to hear the new tunes even before the album is released.


Maktub is Daniel, Reggie, Davis, Thad and Kevin.  They are from Washington, Arizona and New York.  They make the best “heavy soul” music around, and they are ready to release a brand new album.  The new record is called Five.  It is the fifth album from this five man band.  The record’s release date is June 23rd (ten years to the day after the release of their first record) and will be available for download or on CD.  As a special countdown to the release the band will be previewing one new track each week beginning April 28th.  However, the anticipation was too much and Daniel loaded up the first tune for us today!  Go check it out right now!

Oh!  And did I mention that when Five comes out in June the album download will be free?  This is one groovy band giving one big thank you to their many groovy fans.

May 022008

There are so many movies coming out this summer and I am so excited that I thought I would share which ones I am excited about. (em/ takes a deep breath)

Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Dark Knight, Forbidden Kingdom, Wall-e, Indiana Jones, Hulk, Speed Racer, Mongal, Kung-fu Panda, The Happening, Get Smart, Hancock, Hellboy 2, & The Mummy 3. I figure we have a movie to see every weekend until this kid is born. :)