May 202009

So here we have Kaya and Noah very happy. Which is not excatly what I was going for. I thought it would be funny to tease Kaya and tell her to give Noah a bath. It didn’t work, Kaya was more then willing to. But she did learn first hand how much he loves to splash.

Apr 152008

Help the Beach

I’m at the beach

There’s trash everywhere

The whale are even to sad to breach

People should take more care!

Our world is falling apart

Don’t people have a heart?

I can see wrappers and glasses

There are HUGE masses and masses!

So I help the beach; it looks good

Just like it should!

P.S. I was at school when I did this so I did it all by my self! =)

Mar 102008

Reflection 3D Art

Hi everybody!

I am so happy! Two reasons first this thing finally works! (thank you Jared!) :-) And the most exciting news is that I got a silver medal because of this thing called reflections and they do a theme this theme was I can make a difference by …and I chose to do 3D art and my title was I can make a difference by…Keeping are beaches and oceans clean. And I won!!1!! Second place witch is ok but, no tie and there were a lot of ties! So I’m happy!! (and staying calm! 8-) ) Hahaha!