Jun 152009


AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com is a site that collects, displays and admires embarassment and strangness that is so strong it can only come from one possible source–our own family.  Perhaps you are already a fan of the site, but if not go check it out.

After the initial cringing my next thought was that we probably have some old snapshots that we could submit.  What do you guys think?  Should we send something over for the rest of the world to laugh at and relate to?

Jun 212007

Hi Everyone,

A ’theme’ determines the look and feel of this blog–the colors, layout and font type.  If you would like to give input on what theme we use around here, please share your thoughts.

Visit the official theme directory, find something you like and then tell me about it by making a reply below and including a link to the theme.

Let’s find something great.  Or, if we can’t, let’s find something close to great and then make edits so it is exactly what we want.  I haven’t edited themes before, but I’m willing to learn.  It can’t be that hard to change a color or change a picture.