Apr 092010

Well to sum up Kelly is showing slight signs of what she had last time. So our doctor has decided that we need to enduce when Drake is ready. So it looks like his birthday is going to be April 22nd.

We just wanted to give the update that we have a solid date. So will see our little guy soon.

Sep 292009
© Courtesy of AMNH\R. Mickens

© Courtesy of AMNH\R. Mickens

There is a new display now showing at the American Museum of Natural History.  It is an 11 foot long tapestry woven of pure spider silk.  It took four years to create and shines in its rich and all-natural golden color.  I think it is wonderfully beautiful and a unique and remarkable achievement.

There is some controversy about the project.  While many marvel at the beauty and wonder of the accomplishment others are appalled at the spending of $500,000 to squeeze spiders and tie their silks together into a rug just so it can sit under a glass display case.

I don’t discount the dissenting argument easily.  They have a good point.  We are all painfully aware of the many needs we all have everyday, and it isn’t possible to meet all of those needs during a recession.  It may not even be possible during the best of times considering we need to fund the cresting of scientific frontiers, enhance education and health care for all members of society, enrich our lives with the best music, art and performance, keep a roof over our heads, feed our children, and … oh yeah, that whole world peace thing.  It’s a tall order and I don’t deny that, but I’m still glad to see events like this happen.  I’m glad to know this tapestry was privately funded.  I think it is also important to remember that the project began and was mostly completed before the economic crash.

Please listen to the NPR broadcast of the story below and also visit the Museum’s website for more info, photos and even a video and then come back and leave your impressions as a comment below.  Which side of the controversy do you think has the best reasoning and why?