Jan 302011
Fake Plastic Food, Oak Creek, WI


What’s for dinner?  It’s a question we ask each other all the time.  So, why is it so hard to answer?  I don’t know why, but one possible reason is that we are craving something new but have run out of our own ideas.  With the hope that we can help each other spark imagination in the kitchen I would like to try sharing recipes with all of you.

A new submission form has been added to the site to enter recipes.  You enter the ingredients and instructions, possibly include a picture, description or story and then the rest of us can read it, print it out, and prepare it.

Don’t be shy, this will be fun.  Start with something simple, something you enjoy.

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Sep 282008

I sent out emails, but just in case they all didn’t get thru….

Anna & I want to invite everyone for Thanksgiving dinner this year. We understand that with all the families and alternating obligations that it may be impossible, but we hope you can make it!

We will eat around 2 PM, but feel free to come early.  We can play DVD’s in the spare bedroom for the young ones and if you have a favorite Wii game or two – bring it!  We have our Wii hook up in the living room to the big screen and it is alot of fun.

Please let us know if you can make it, there will be updates and we can set up what other stuff we need.

Hope to see you all,



Jun 212007

To call last night’s dinner a dissapointment would be a marathon of courtesy.

It was awful.  I was embarassed to sit in front of a mexican dinner when there were no avocados harmed in the production of my guacamole!  If I worked there I would lie to my friends and say I worked as a phone sex operator.

Avoid La Fiesta at all costs!