Apr 142011

Well it was a fast year but none the less it was a good one with our new little guy Drakers.


  4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Drake.”

  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Sometimes he seems much too grown up to be only one, and yet it feels like he just got here. He is definitely an important addition to the family.

    Splendid cake. I ♥ the giraffe.

  2. Glad you like it. The cake was my surprise for Kelly. It killed her not knowing what I was doing until about 20 min before the party.

    No kidding It really set in on the day before the party our landlord came by to renew the lease. Little guy was only two days old when we moved in.

    On a side note I do like the new gallery option for pictures.

  3. Happy B-Day Drake! That is one good looking young man, just like his folks! keep up the good work, love you all!


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